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Home » News » News » What Are We Going To Do To Increase The Plasticity Of The Alumina Ceramic Tube?

What Are We Going To Do To Increase The Plasticity Of The Alumina Ceramic Tube?

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

In general, in order to increase the plasticity of the alumina ceramic tube, in order to directly meet our users in the use of a size and its corrosion resistance, for the alumina ceramic tube, it is in the production of the time , Certainly that ultimately, our hot-pressing process, on its aspects of the measures, then there will certainly be a lot of aspects.

First of all, it is in the pre-pressure treatment, its main purpose, that is, to prevent our alumina ceramic tube in the hot press to install the plate when the direct displacement, and thus also It will cause its core and the seam and a series of defects, when it is in the billet, that is, before the hot press, it must be directly at room temperature preload, so that you can make Its direct bonding into a whole material.

The next words, that is, on the alumina ceramic tube of a hot-pressing treatment, on this treatment, we actually use the hot gluing process, on its hot pressing temperature, it is usually about 140oC, Its unit pressure, then it is actually 2.5-3.0MPa.

Finally, for the alumina ceramic tube to improve its plasticity, then we actually have to carry out three steps of antihypertensive treatment, when it is in the post-hot process of a process, on its first paragraph, it is actually by the work The pressure directly to the "balance of pressure", on its second paragraph, that is, by the "balance of pressure" directly down to zero, for its third paragraph, that is, from zero to the ceramic lift tube, In order to complete the opening of its.

In the last words, in its three aspects of the above, for its alumina ceramic tube, in the hot-pressing process, on its maximum is to meet the requirements of its use. Moreover, we should also pay attention to, for the alumina ceramic tube is concerned, it is used in many occasions, in fact, is the need to directly implement the clamping connection.

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