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Home » News » Knowledge » What are the characteristics of alumina ceramic tubes?

What are the characteristics of alumina ceramic tubes?

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 06-03-2019      Origin:Site

What are the characteristics of alumina ceramic tubes?

Alumina ceramic tube is a kind of ceramic material with alumina (Al2O3) as the main body. It can be used in aerospace. Military equipment is a kind of ceramics. It is now a special introduction to military ceramic processing. The advantages of alumina ceramic tube .

1. Alumina ceramic tube has good stability:

 The appearance of the alumina ceramic tube is flame retardant and has good fire resistance. It does not affect its working function at 1200 °C. Alumina ceramic tube is the nemesis of all acid and alkali products and other chemicals, no matter the chemical solvent, corrosive agent or other chemical dyes, it will not affect the appearance of the ceramic tube.

2. Alumina ceramic tube is easy to clean:

The strong anti-corrosion of the alumina ceramic tube makes it easy to wash with the washing solution without affecting its color and appearance; and it has no tight appearance and does not easily adhere to dust.

After the alumina ceramic tube is fired, the shape can be processed by a carving machine, which is finely carved and not easily damaged. Such a ceramic tube is beautiful and generous.

3. Alumina ceramic tube anti-static:

Alumina ceramic tubes are made of zirconia alumina and have proven to be antistatic materials, unless they are electrically conductive to a certain extent.

4. Alumina ceramic tube resists scratch resistance:

The alumina ceramic tube finishes the outer structure, so that the ceramic tube is not easily damaged under the effect of the external hard object, and the ceramic tube can be strong against the impact.

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