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Zirconia Ceramic Production Process

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

For zirconia ceramic materials, because of its special physical and mechanical properties, can only be used for grinding processing, with the development of mechanical processing technology, can now use a similar metal processing of a variety of processes to process ceramic materials. Here we introduce the zirconia ceramic process

First, zirconia ceramic processing technology

1, abrasive processing: grinding processing, polishing processing, belt processing, drum processing, ultrasonic processing, shot peening, viscoelastic flow processing;

2, plastic processing: diamond plastic processing, diamond plastic grinding;

3, chemical processing: etching, chemical grinding, chemical polishing; electrical processing: EDM, electron beam processing, ion beam processing, plasma processing;

4, composite processing: lithography, ELID grinding, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic grinding, ultrasonic EDM; optical processing: laser processing.

Second, zirconia ceramic molding process

Zirconia ceramic construction methods are currently used in more than three: hot die casting, dry pressure forming and isostatic pressing.

1, hot die casting molding

For zirconia structured ceramic miniature products or complex shapes of products. Generally used hot-die casting method. The molding method is relatively simple, especially suitable for the production of large quantities or complex shape of small and medium-sized products.

2, dry pressure forming

On the shape of simple, suitable for dry pressure molding of small and medium sized zirconia ceramic products often dry pressure method. Zirconia ceramic dry pressure when the common problem is the product stratification, this is because the zirconia ultrafine powder granules of particles is very fine, so the particles light, poor mobility, dry pressure forming prone to stratification.

3, isostatic pressing

For the shape of special and large size zirconia ceramic structure, the use of isostatic pressing. Isostatic pressing of the green body due to uniform pressure in all directions, and the pressure is large, so after forming the body density, uniformity, firing shrinkage is small, easy to deformation, cracking, stratification.

Third, zirconia ceramic firing

The sintering temperature of zirconia ceramics varies with the preparation method, fineness, the type of additives and the amount of additives, usually between 1500 and 1650 º C, so the zirconia ceramic has no uniform firing curve, and its suitable firing system To be obtained by firing test.

The above is for everyone to introduce the zirconia ceramic production process which introduced, hope to give you a reference.

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