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Home » News » News » Alumina Ceramic Sintering Method For Different Purposes

Alumina Ceramic Sintering Method For Different Purposes

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Alumina ceramics is actually made of alumina as the main material, the manufacture or production of a ceramic product, mainly used in thick film integrated circuits, and alumina ceramic in the conductive, high temperature performance and mechanical The strength is very good, but the use of alumina ceramics, the most need to pay attention to the place is the ultrasonic washing.

And alumina ceramics in the use of the range is also very common, because the alumina ceramic performance is very superior, so in many different industries, its use is very wide, to meet the daily needs of the use, and some have Comparing the specific requirements of the performance requirements, the use of alumina ceramics in the industry is very significant.

Alumina ceramics in the manufacture, mainly the granular ceramic body, through a dense way to the material for solid sintering, sintering of the main purpose is to green and the gap between the particles to remove the clean, and a small amount Of the gas and magazines for emptying, to ensure that particles can be more long-term combination, and the formation of non-material processing methods.

Although the continuous hot-pressing sintering method can effectively increase the yield of alumina ceramics, but because of the use of processing equipment, and related manufacturing costs are relatively high, and the axial heat is not particularly uniform, so Alumina ceramic products in the length, because of the above problems will be affected by the impact.

Because the alumina ceramic in the structure of the uniformity is relatively good, the material in the performance and cold pressure sintering the same, and can enhance the performance of 30 percent to 50 percent, than the ordinary alumina ceramic products quality Many of the current alumina ceramic products in many special parts used in more, more common with a mirror and ceramic bearings and so on.

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