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Lonci's categories includes alumina ceramic tube ,insulators, rods,plate,substrates,etc.

  • Heaters Of Ceramic Parts
    Heaters of Ceramic Parts Alumina heaters were developed based on ceramic lamination technologies, which are mainly used for highly reliable IC ceramic packages. Thus, these are widely used as a new type of heater in a variety of markets such as automotive, kerosene & gas equipment, and water...
  • Substrates
    Substrates Lonci developed the ceramic substrates and continues to provide economical yet durable substrates for you specific requirement.
  • Pump Ceramic Products
    Pump Ceramic Products When corrosion and abrasion resistance are required and extended packing life is needed, ceramic pump products are unequaled in performance. Contact one of our specialists for specific application information
  • Textiles Of Ceramics
    Textiles of Ceramics Ceramics are used in various textile machines as guide parts, thread processing nozzles, oiling nozzles, rollers and twister parts. In addition to wear resistance, ceramics can minimize damage to high-speed yarns due to their exceptionally low friction.
  • Tubes & Rods
    Tubes & Rods Lonci offers a wide variety of tubes and rods manufactured from high-performance technical ceramic materials, including alumina and zirconia.
  • Ceramic Balls
    Ceramic balls Lonci alumina (aluminum oxide) balls are abrasion resistant, high hardness, and thermally stable at temperatures up to 1800°C — useful in oil & gas down-hole, chemical pump applications, and as part of valves, bearings, flow meters, and more.
  • Ceramic Bearing Components
    Ceramic Bearing Components Lonci offers a full line of bearing components and structural components for equipment and machine.
  • Insulators
    Insulators Aluminum insulator has a very high thermal conductivity, allowing this unique ceramic to spread and get rid of heat quickly. This allows electronic components to maintain cooler operating temperatures while still providing the excellent electrical insulation of ceramic insulators.

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