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Home » News » News » Causes And Solutions Of Zirconia Ceramic Sintered Black Point

Causes And Solutions Of Zirconia Ceramic Sintered Black Point

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Zirconia ceramic was white, with impurities when yellow or gray, generally containing HfO2, not easy to separate. Zirconia ceramic sintered after the surface is usually beautiful, the surface is white, but sometimes sintered after a black spot, seriously affect the appearance, then what is the reason? The following technical staff to introduce.

Zirconia ceramic black spots affect the main reasons are the following:

1, too much dust. Excessive dust will be accompanied by ceramic sintering, easy to form black spots. At the same time, the dust will also affect the ceramic density, resulting in lower yield of ceramic, affecting the normal sales.

2, ceramic powder impure, easy to break the sintering, hardness can not meet the demand.

3, ceramic sintering process too much water, sintered structural parts with the density of the color will be very different, affecting the normal use.

4, the ceramic sintering process temperature is too high.

Zirconia ceramic black spots of the solution is as follows:

1, before sintering, check the ceramic powder is not pure zirconium powder, containing much more impurities.

2, the sintering process, the temperature to control the appropriate, not too high can not be too low.

3, ceramic dilution water should be used evenly, too much will lead to rupture and dark spots.

The above is for everyone to introduce the zirconia ceramic sintered after the black spots of the reasons and solutions to the analysis, zirconia ceramic black spots will have a great impact on the appearance of ceramics, so the preparation of the early and the purity of the material can be avoided Black spots happen.

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