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Choose A Good Alumina Ceramic Roller Holder

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

The choice of relatively high quality and good support for the alumina ceramic roller is also possible for the replacement of the idler, as it relates to a deflectable roller holder, as well as a bearing, and for alumina Ceramic roller support is the pin and the fuselage, roller and limit block, there is a series of fasteners and other components to be composed.

For a good alumina ceramic roller support in terms of its support strength is also relatively strong, but also can support the overall weight of the conveyor belt, so that it will not be crushed, then, then there is a strong The flexibility of other essential roller support and other advantages.

The radial runout of the brackets of its good alumina ceramic roller is also relatively small, and it is also possible to prevent the conveyor belt from being deviated. The axial movement is also relatively small and can avoid the material and our belt The occurrence of sliding friction, so you can make the tape can ensure smooth and normal operation, in addition, for its support, but also dust and water, its casting material is also to carry out regular maintenance and maintenance, in order to ensure the use of the bracket Life can be very good extension.

It should always pay attention to adjust the angle of the bracket of the alumina ceramic roller during the installation and use, so that it can effectively prevent the tape deviation. At this time if the tape is in the no-load time, it will always go to the side of the deviation, this time should be running side of the roller bracket along the direction of tape directly forward 1-2cm, or the The other side of the roller holder (or the rack) is properly raised.

For the alumina ceramic roller bracket to do so, that is, will not cause leakage and deviation, there is to avoid abnormal wear and damage equipment and other unnecessary trouble, to reduce the phenomenon of its productivity to avoid, but also There is to prevent its alumina ceramic roller bracket scrapped phenomenon, so you can ensure that our equipment can be normal operation.

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