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Home » News » Knowledge » Continuous Pressing and Grouting of Alumina Ceramics

Continuous Pressing and Grouting of Alumina Ceramics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Alumina ceramics in the molding time, you can also add appropriate additives in the organic additives to ensure that the paddle on the surface of the particles can appear on the surface of the effect of double-layer to ensure that it will not be more stable precipitation phenomenon, if the conditions Allowed, you can also add the right amount of vinyl alcohol, the main purpose is to ensure that the paddle can be better shape.

Alumina ceramics in the molding of the main ways there are two:

First, the dry ceramic ceramic molding:

Alumina ceramics in the dry pressure molding technology, only the shape is relatively simple, and in the thickness of the inner wall is only 1mm, or diameter and length are not more than 1: 4 products. And in the molding method can also be divided into two-way and single-axis two, press can also be divided into two kinds of mechanical and hydraulic.

The alumina ceramic in the dry pressure molding time, not only can be semi-automatic, but also can be fully automatic. But the press at the maximum pressure is only 200mpa, and the output can only guarantee 15-50 per minute, because the pressure in the stroke pressure is relatively uniform, so the powder will not be too much difference in the difference.

Second, the alumina ceramic grouting molding:

Grouting the alumina ceramic molding method should appear earlier, because the need to use the gypsum mold, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low, more suitable for the size requirements of the larger molding, and the shape of the more complex parts, grouting The main way of forming should be the preparation of the slurry.

Under normal circumstances, the main medium of alumina ceramic is water as a solvent, and then add the right amount of binder and sebum, after effective grinding and exhaust, it can be directly injected into the gypsum mold, But because the gypsum mold for the adsorption of water is relatively strong, then the material will gradually cure in the film.

If the alumina ceramic is hollow grouting, then the mold wall in the adsorption of the paddle when the thickness of the existence of certain requirements, and the need to pour out more of the material, in order to reduce the whole body Shrinkage, we choose the material when the paddle, you should use the relatively high concentration of paddle paddle

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