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Development and Application of Alumina Ceramics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 15-08-2017      Origin:Site

Development and Application of Alumina Ceramics

With high mechanical strength, insulation resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature and a series of excellent performance, Alumina ceramics is widely used in ceramics, textiles, petroleum, chemical, construction and electronics and other industries.Alumina ceramics is the most widely used and  the largest production and sales of new ceramic materials.

Alumina ceramics are usually divided into two categories, one is high aluminum ceramics, the other is corundum ceramics.  The use of high-alumina ceramics is extremely extensive, not only used as a vacuum device and device porcelain, but also a large number of used to make thick film, thin film circuit board, spark plug ceramic, textile ceramic , whiskers and fibers, abrasives and ceramics Knives, high temperature structural materials, etc .;  90%  Al 2 O3 content  ceramics is currently  the most extensive  production, sales and application of ceramics  market.

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of manufacturing technology, alumina ceramics in modern industry and modern science and technology in the field of more and more widely used.

1) Mechanical: wear-resistant alumina ceramic lining brick, high temperature tubes and rods ,liner, lining, alumina ceramic nails, ceramic seals (alumina ceramic ball valve),  alumina ceramic cutting tools, red alumina ceramic plunger and so on.

2) electronic and electrical aspects: a variety of alumina ceramic floor, substrate, ceramic film, high pressure sodium lamp transparent alumina ceramic and a variety of alumina ceramic insulation ceramic pieces, electronic materials, magnetic materials.

3) Chemical: Alumina ceramic chemical filler ball, alumina ceramic microfiltration membrane, alumina ceramic corrosion-resistant coating.

4) medical aspects: alumina ceramic artificial bone, hydroxyapatite coated polycrystalline alumina ceramic artificial teeth, artificial joints and so on.

5) architectural sanitary ceramics: ball mill with alumina ceramic lining brick, microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina ball stone has been widely used, alumina ceramic roller, alumina ceramic thermocouple protection tube and a variety of alumina, alumina Other materials The use of refractory materials can be seen everywhere.

6) Other aspects: Various composite, modified alumina ceramics such as carbon fiber reinforced alumina ceramics, zirconia reinforced alumina ceramics and other toughened alumina ceramics are increasingly used in high-tech fields; alumina ceramics Abrasive, advanced polishing paste in the machinery, jewelry processing industry plays an increasingly important role; In addition, alumina ceramic grinding media in the coatings, paints, cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical and other industries, raw materials, grinding and processing applications are more and more widely.

Alumina ceramic has a stable physical and chemical properties and excellent mechanical and electrical properties, in recent years in various fields has been widely used. With the development of science and technology, the improvement of manufacturing level, the performance of alumina ceramics continue to put forward new requirements in the "high-tech products in China directory" high-performance functional ceramics, structural ceramics, ceramic substrate, chromium alumina ceramics, Microcrystalline alumina ceramic wear-resistant materials and other alumina as the main raw material of various ceramic materials and products are included. Alumina ceramic new materials research, development and application will be the future of hot spots, while a variety of high-performance alumina ceramic new materials, new products will continue to emerge.

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