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Home » News » Knowledge » Moulding Process of Alumina Ceranics

Moulding Process of Alumina Ceranics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 29-08-2017      Origin:Site

Alumina ceramic molding methods are dry pressing, slip casting, extrusion, isostatic pressing, hot pressing and hot isostatic pressing and other methods. In recent years at home and abroad have developed a pressure filter forming, direct solidification injection molding, gel casting, centrifugal injection molding and solid free molding and other molding technology. Different product shapes, sizes, complex shapes and precision products require different molding methods.


  Dry Pressing : alumina ceramic dry pressing technology is limited to the shape of the inner wall thickness of more than 1mm, length and diameter ratio of not more than 4: 1 objects. The molding method is uniaxial or bi-directional. Press the hydraulic, mechanical two, can be semi-automatic or fully automatic molding. The maximum pressure of the press is 200Mpa. Production up to 15 to 50 per minute. As the hydraulic press stroke pressure uniformity, so the difference in the filling of the powder when the pressure is different. The mechanical press pressure applied by the size of the powder filling how much change, easy to lead to sintering after the size of contraction differences, affecting product quality. Therefore, the uniform distribution of the powder particles during the dry pressing process is very important for the mold filling. The accuracy of the filling volume of the alumina ceramic parts has a great influence on the accuracy of the filling. Powder particles to more than 60μm, between 60 to 200 mesh between the maximum free flow effect, to obtain the best pressure forming effect.

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