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The category of alumina ceramics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Alumina ceramic is a kind of alumina (Al2O3) as the main body of ceramic materials for thick film integrated circuits. Alumina ceramics have good conductivity, mechanical strength and high temperature resistance. It is important to note that ultrasonic cleaning is required. Alumina ceramics is a widely used ceramic because of its superior performance, the application of modern society has become more and more widely, to meet the needs of daily and special performance.

Alumina ceramics technology is maturing, but some indicators have yet to be improved, which requires common research.

At the same time, some of the performance parameters of alumina ceramics, but also hope that we clearly put forward, so that researchers and manufacturers can be based on user requirements to study the design, and will not have no purpose.

There is still much room for discussion on the type of alumina ceramics.

Alumina ceramic is divided into high purity and ordinary type two.

High purity alumina ceramic Al2O3 content of 99.9% or more of the ceramic material, because of its sintering temperature of up to 1650-1990 ℃, transmission wavelength of 1 ~ 6μm, generally made of molten glass to replace the platinum crucible; the use of its light And alkali-resistant metal corrosion for sodium lamp; in the electronics industry can be used as integrated circuit substrate and high-frequency insulation materials.

Ordinary alumina ceramic according to Al2O3 content is divided into 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain, 85 porcelain and other varieties, sometimes Al2O3 content of 80% or 75% were also classified as ordinary alumina ceramic series. 99 alumina ceramic is used for the production of high temperature crucible, refractory tube and special wear-resistant materials, such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and water valve, etc .; 95 alumina ceramic is mainly used for corrosion-resistant, wear parts; Due to the incorporation of some talc, improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength, with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum and other metal sealing, and some used as electrical vacuum device devices.

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