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Home » News » News » The Concrete Analysis Of The Toughening Technology Of Alumina Ceramics

The Concrete Analysis Of The Toughening Technology Of Alumina Ceramics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

For alumina ceramics, it is a very high temperature, there is resistance to corrosion, wear and many other advantages, but also our current world production is relatively large an industrial ceramic materials. For alumina ceramics, it is in the machinery, electronics, cars, there are instrumentation, chemical, chemical fiber and many other aspects of the application are remarkable.

For the application of alumina ceramics, in fact, because it is a brittle of its own application, then there are restrictions. The main fact is still determined by the structural characteristics of our material itself. For the chemical bond in the ceramic material, it is actually covalent bond and ion bond-based, for the two types of chemical bonds, they are have a strong direction, there is a relatively high combination of strength, Will lead to plastic deformation is difficult, brittle and its crack sensitivity is relatively strong.

It is also because of these reasons we are in the study to improve the toughness of alumina ceramics is also more concerned about the. In recent words, we will actually be through the ceramic to join or generate particles, whiskers, there are some reinforced fiber materials, so that the toughness of our ceramics can be greatly improved, and its strength and modulus, then also There is a certain improvement.

For the ceramic ceramic toughening method in terms of words, in fact, the main thing is to have toughening particles, there is toughening and so on. For its toughening principle, it is also very simple. The main thing is to put its reinforcement and its surrounding matrix inside the words can produce a residual stress field, in this case, for blocking the expansion of the crack and enhance toughness has a very significant effect.

In the next case, we should pay attention to the pinning of the microcracks, and the crack tip and its tail effect; Cutting-edge stress appears to relax, so that the slow expansion of the crack will have some benefits from the above aspects of the terms, that is, our alumina ceramic toughening principle.

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