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Home » News » Knowledge » Three Toughening Technology of Alumina Ceramics

Three Toughening Technology of Alumina Ceramics

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Many professional production and manufacture of alumina ceramic friends do not know its toughening technology, in fact, alumina ceramic toughening technology can be divided into three main areas, mainly crack deflection, pull out the mechanism and bridge mechanism, the following Xiaobian Give you a detailed description of these three toughening technology it!

First, the crack deflection, when the crack occurs when the serious spread, there will be a lot of long cylindrical particles, once touched then the cracks will appear, but also along the weak particles continue to occur, in fact, cracks in the vertical Degree is a certain deviation, because such a crack in the path will change, so the energy consumed will become more, so as to effectively achieve the effect of toughening.

Alumina ceramic

Second, pull out the mechanism, mainly in the body of the crack in the direct expansion of the matrix and the grain can be subject to stress and dissociation, when the stress continues to intensify when the slightly weak grain will break, and ultimately Directly from the base to pull out, but in the process of pulling out the energy loss, so you can play the toughening effect of alumina ceramic.

Third, the bridge mechanism, such as cracks inside the matrix, the crystal will be outside the load, similar to the bridge, because the crystal is productive, but the productivity will be the external load loss to a minimum, so that can cause the crack closed, This way not only can the alumina ceramic good toughening, but also can effectively enhance its strength.

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