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Home » News » News » Zirconia Ceramic Phone Back Cover Wrestling It? What Performance Is There

Zirconia Ceramic Phone Back Cover Wrestling It? What Performance Is There

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

With the development of zirconia ceramic technology, as well as the requirements of mobile communication, zirconia ceramic is slowly used to the top of the phone cover, used in the mobile phone cover ceramic ceramic ceramic is a functional ceramic, with electricity, magnetic, heat , Optical and other properties, this ceramic is not what we usually see the ceramic, some people will ask zirconia ceramic back cover wrestling it?

Zirconia ceramic mobile phone back cover is resistant to drop, zirconia ceramic mobile phone back cover with high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient close to zero, no water absorption, good insulation properties, compact structure, impact resistance, wear and corrosion resistance performance

Anti-impact: zirconia ceramic structure, so that the panel has a strong resistance, and confirmed by the actual use of daily.

Resistant to scratch: a special surface structure, so that zirconia ceramic with scratch resistance, even by a variety of hard objects can also maintain long-term shape without damage.

Wear-resistant: zirconia ceramic has a strong wear resistance, suitable for heavy places or need frequent cleaning.

Easy to clean: tight, impermeable surface, so that dust is not easy to adhere to it, so the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvent, and will not have any impact on the color.

Anti-static: Zirconia ceramic proved to be an antistatic material, which makes the panel very suitable for dust-free areas, the optical industry and the computer industry.

Chemical resistance: Zirconia ceramic has a strong resistance to chemical corrosion characteristics, anti-acid, anti-oxidation of toluene and similar substances.

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