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Zirconia ceramic principle

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 27-07-2017      Origin:Site

Zirconia ceramic hardness, Mohs hardness 6.5. Can be made of cold forming tools, plastic mold, drawing die, cutting tools and so on. Zirconia ceramic strength, good toughness, room temperature compressive strength of 2100MPa, 1000 ℃ when the 1190MPa. The best toughness of ceramic bending strength of 2000MPa, fracture toughness of 9MPa · m1 / 2. Used to make engine components such as push rods, connecting rods, bearings, cylinder linings, piston caps and so on.

Zirconia ceramic refractoriness, specific heat and thermal conductivity is small, is the ideal high-temperature insulation materials; chemical stability, high temperature can still acid and neutral substances corrosion. Zirconia crucible for smelting metals and alloys, such as platinum, palladium, rubidium, rhodium smelting and purification. Very stable for the molten steel, is a continuous ingot with the refractory material.

The electrical properties of zirconia ceramics vary with the type of the stabilizer, the content and the test temperature. Pure zirconia is a good insulator with a room temperature resistance of up to 1015Ω · m. After adding the stabilizer, its resistivity increased significantly. So stable zirconia ceramic at high temperature is the ion conductive ceramic.

After stabilization of zirconia ceramic aerobic vacancy, can be used as gas sensor. Zirconia solid electrolyte under certain conditions, there are characteristics of oxygen ions can be made of high temperature fuel cell solid electrolyte membrane, steel liquid oxygen probe and so on.

In addition, zirconia is added to a series of other oxide substrates such as mullite, alumina, spinel, etc., to improve the toughness of these oxides, such as zirconia toughened alumina (ZTA ), That is, zirconia containing ZTA ceramic, the strength can be as high as 1200MPa, toughness of 16MPa / m2.

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